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frame-by-frame / live2D cubism


Though not formally trained, I have experience animating many of my illustrative works either through frame-by-frame methods or through Live2D cubism. I take pride in acquiring my skills through experimentation, studying online tutorials, and sheer determination.

My skills have been useful in creating unique PNG models, streaming emotes, and Vtuber models for various clients.

I even created a TikTok documenting my journey creating a “Vtuber” from scratch. Everything from designing the character persona, illustrating the final version on Clip Studio Paint, animating it in Live2D Cubism, and finally acting as the character. The goal of this project was not necessarily done as a way to give a tutorial on my process. It is a visual documentation and an excuse to experiment with various types of storytelling and content creation styles.


Drawn and animated in procreate on an Ipad Air with an Apple pencil. Originally illustrated as a loading screen for a personal streaming channel on Twitch. The channel has since been re-branded to another identity.

Live2D Rigging

Character design, illustration and model cut up done through Clip Studio Paint, on an XP-Pen 22R Pro screen tablet. Animation rigging completed through Live2D cubism
BGM – Dionté George – Let’s Explore! (from ViSO: Virtual Sounds by UTALIVE)

Live2D Rigging
@xiong.mei.mao Feel free to submit suggestions on what you would like to see! Also you lost the game 🐼 #vtuber #envtuber #characterdesign #pandavtuber #cartoonpanda #cartoonpanda #indieillustrator #classproject #schoolproject #chibi #熊猫 #university #cathoodie #xiongmao #パンダ #🐼 #chibipanda #uniproject #cute #live2d#live2dcubism #vtubestudio #showcase #expressions #youlostthegame #silly #fyp ♬ 恋爱频率 – Sasablue

Illustrated in Clip Studio Paint, and fully animated and rigged in Live2D Cubism. Additionally performing as the character Xiong Mei Mao on TikTok, taking on voice acting challenges, script reading, and sharing personal stories.